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Our Photoshoot!

Posted by Phoebe on

We’re really excited to share our experience with you! Thanks for reading our blog.

Hope to bring you insights and share our experience on what it’s like to start a business and run it with its ups and downs. Being in the fashion and accessories industry, we know it’s sometimes hard to merge inspiration with the business aspect.

Our label, Made Beautiful, encourages finding beauty in every day.

We love fashion, creative concepts and also spreading happiness.

For our first blog, we wanted to share what it was like doing our own photoshoot.

A few tips for photography in fashion and creating your own photoshoot:

Choosing a space 

We were really lucky, because Jess worked at Mondo Studios so we were able to use the amazing space in Sydney.

There are many places you can use including outdoor areas like a garden or a park, or if you know someone who has a beautiful backyard or room. Otherwise you can buy a white sheet and shoot simply with natural lighting. 

We appreciate the tips Etsy gave us!

Visualising your Brand

The main thing we wanted to show was our product and also what our Brand represents. Styling your process and displaying your sketches or giving a glimpse of your journey can show how how you started and can give weight to your designs.

Looking at what resources you have and retouching the photos afterwards can give you a professional look. If you don’t think you’ll use software much, you could always use a trial version and see whether it’s worth using in the long run. We’ve used the Adobe Suite for our graphics.

Choosing your photographer

We understand Photographers can be expensive when you’re starting your business, but if you know someone who has a creative eye this can be a great start. With cameras being very affordable now, having an SLR can come in very handy.

Good luck and remember to have fun!